Recommended for braver kids aged 8-14+ yrs

After Dark at Ghoulsley’s Manor gets a bit darker and creepier. This experience has been developed for kids who enjoy a scare.  Meet the quirky occupants of Ghoulsley’s Manor in this fun and spooky tribute to classic halloween characters.

After Dark at Ghoulsley’s Manor is suitable for kids aged 8-14+ yrs who want more startle scares and mild frights!  Younger children are welcome of course but this is totally at a parents discretion. Please be advised that in a circumstance that your child does find the experience too scary or not scary enough, we cannot issue a refund.

Lasts approx. 45 – 55 mins, it is Eerie and spooky but not bloody or gory.

What to expect?

  • Meander through the haunted wood and see what spooks and ghouls lurk amongst the trees
  • Whatever you do – don’t fall under the spell of the Wicked Witch of East Cork
  • Dare you enter Ancient Mummies Tomb. Beware the curse that lurks within.
  • Ah Ah Ah – beware the Vampire’s Lair
  • Brave the Twisted Maze and things that go bump in the night.
  • Meet Jack O’Lantern the Scarecrow who’s terrified of crows!
  • Dr. Frankenfarter returns this year with more dysfunctional monster madness
  • Meowl at the moon with Weird Wolf Phooka – half wolf / half we’re not quite sure….
  • Leave Ghoulsley’s Manor via the Demented Driveway – if you can!!

The aim of the show is to be spooky with an emphasis on interactive fun and comedy. After Dark at Ghoulsley’s Manor will include some startle scares with mild frights, we don’t use blood or gore in the decor.  If your child does have any particular phobias that you are concerned about let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.